• Fast Facts on Knee Anatomy

    Fast Facts on Knee Anatomy

    Category: Knees
    While the knee itself is the largest joint in the body, it functions as much more than a joint, as it connects several bones together. Slightly reminiscent of a song often heard in grade school, the knee connects the thigh bone, shin bone, kneecap, and fibula. The knee is also classified as a synovial joint, which means that the kneecap is filled with fluid.

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  • Why Choose Capital Ortho?

    Why Choose Capital Ortho?

    Category: News
    You may know us as Capital Orthopaedic, but you probably referred to us as Capital Ortho and that’s okay, everyone did. We listened, and that’s why we changed our name. At Capital Ortho every patient is important to us and deserves a personalized experience when they walk through our doors.

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  • Why Your Hip Pain Is Different Than That Of The Opposite Sex

    Why Your Hip Pain Is Different Than That Of The Opposite Sex

    Category: Hip Pain
    Do you suffer from hip pain? It can be extremely painful and severely impact your day-to-day activities. Both men and women have hip pain but they experience it differently. For men, it often occurs as pain in the front of the hip or groin. In women, what is perceived as hip pain may be radiating from the back, upper thigh, or buttock. These differences are largely attributed to the variations in bone structure between the two sexes.

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  • The Right Time to See an Orthopaedist

    The Right Time to See an Orthopaedist

    Category: Orthopaedic Surgeon
    When it comes to seeing an orthopaedic surgeon, the term shouldn’t be scary at all. In fact, an orthopaedic surgeon is a physician fully qualified to diagnose, treat, and help you prevent all of the disorders and conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

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  • What May Be Causing Your Knee Pain

    What May Be Causing Your Knee Pain

    Category: Knee Pain
    Everyone experiences some aches and pains from time to time. But if you have recurrent or chronic knee pain, it may be indicative of a deeper problem. Knee pain is often mistakenly associated with growing older. While it’s true that those with issues like arthritis experience knee pain, it is also common for adults and even young adults and children to experience knee pain as well for varying reasons.

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